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Welcome to SIBAS!

SIBAS TECH is a part of SIBAS Group, a fast growing Plastic welding solution provider with a group revenue of over USD 1.5 Million representing leading high end technology companies from Europe and Asia. We provide sealing / joining solutions to customers in Plastics processing, packaging, Electrical & Electronics Industry.

SIBAS TECH offers the most advanced hot air equipments from FORSTHOFF – Germany Extrusion and Wedge Welders from Munsch- Germany, Hand Extruders, Butt welders from HSK – Germany

With experienced Engineers in plastic welding technologies and Application Engineering, we provide Perfect Application solution with World Class Products and fast and best after Sales Support.



    Plastic Welding and Fabrication
    Tarpaulin sealing
    Flex Seaming
    Geo Membrane Welding
    Lami Tube sealing
    Shrink labelling
    Hot Air Drying
    PVC Floor Welding
    Tensile Membranes
    PVC Protective wears
    Canvas welding
    PVC Stationeries
    Blood bags
    Urine bags
    Inflatable toys
    Automotive parts

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