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The hot-air blower is used anywhere hot air flows, is required for warming up, heating, deforming, shrinking and activating. For installation into machines and on conveyer belts,  in repair shops for the repair of plastic components on cars, motorcycles and electromechanical work.

  • Shrinking of heat shrink tubing, packaging film.
  • Heating for deforming thermoplastic semi-finished products.
  • Drying of wet and damp surfaces.
  • Thawing out of frozen water pipelines.
  • Removal of old shellac and epoxy resin.
  • Activating and detaching of solvent-free adhesives and hot-melt adhesives.
  • Drying and heating processes of all kinds.
  • Shrinking of packaging film and shaped parts.
  • Separating and merging of synthetic threads and fabrics.
  • Sterilising of packaging materials.
  • Plastic deflashing and polishing of plastic surfaces.


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